October 2, 2023
TrainwrecksTV's Net Worth 2022 - how much does TrainwrecksTV make?

TrainwrecksTV’s Net Worth 2022 – how much does TrainwrecksTV make?

is among the most popular Twitch streamers today. You may recognise him from his original incarnation, streaming World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Halo. Now, he's taken a more adult approach to online gaming, embracing crypto casino betting in full force. Here, we'll discuss TrainwrecksTV and more.

Some have criticized his recent transition, primarily because a large percentage of his audience are minors. Nevertheless, many fans have enjoyed watching him make the recent shift in streaming focus.

Considering how he goes about his business, his response to the criticism that followed his change in the streaming niche makes perfect sense. Trainwreck stated that viewers get to watch him squander his money instead of gambling with theirs. But, as it turns out, this is a means for him to promote safe and responsible gambling.

So it's almost like he takes the financial and gaming risks for the pleasure of his audience. Trainwreck comes across as a decent person; therefore, viewers are inclined to believe this version of events.

What is TrainwrecksTV's Net Worth 2022?

In terms of income, TrainWrecksTV net worth is valued at about $3,000,000. He currently generates about $214,650.32 each month from Twitch and YouTube.

Who is TrainwrecksTV?

It's not uncommon for some of the largest and finest casino broadcasters to desire to keep their identity a secret during off-hours. So, for instance, we don't know who Roshtein and ClassyBeef are.

Unlike them, TrainwrecksTV isn't afraid to reveal his face. Whenever the opportunity arises, he isn't shy about disclosing a slew of personal information about himself. As a result, he's so well-known that he even has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

TrainwrecksTV birth name is Tyler Faraz Niknam, and he was born on December 20, 1990, in Scottsdale, Arizona. He earned a BA in analytic philosophy from Arizona State University in 2014 and currently lives in Scottsdale. 

The train has disclosed information about himself to the public. This includes his height (6'1″), weight (90.7 kg), and favourite foods (sushi).

In 2015, he began broadcasting on Twitch, where he played video games and streamed information from his real life. He also introduced “Scuffed Podcast,” a podcast where he and other streamers discuss various issues. As a result of the Scuffed Podcast, thousands of dollars have been donated to various charities.

With the release of Among Us in 2020, TrainwrecksTV's popularity skyrocketed as his unique style of play drew in a large following. He won $5,000 from the Among Us competition.

Another reason TrainwrecksTV acquired prominence was because of the five-day Twitch ban he received for his misogynistic rants and gambling streams. He subsequently relocated to Canada to continue to gamble, as he was facing legal issues in the United States.

His Relationship Status

A lot of fans wish to know about the Twitch star's current relationship status. Trainwreck is currently single. 

Additionally, his former girlfriend is a web star and used to feature in his videos. Nonetheless, Trainwreck is living his love life below the eyes of the media, and he appears to be enjoying his Bachelor life.

Trainwreckstv's YouTube career

A full month after starting his Twitch stream, TrainwrecksTV launched his YouTube channel. This was on November 18, 2015.

For the time being, he uploaded clips and highlights from his Twitch VODs. However, his primary goal was to improve his Twitch broadcast and podcast.

There aren't many original videos on his YouTube account. So, it's more of a refresher for anyone who can't keep up with the live stream.

Trainwreckstv's gambling career

Trainwreckstv has been broadcasting his gambling and slot machine exploits since 2021. In the “Slots” section of Twitch, he has streamed almost 450 hours. It's clear that he gambles with his own money despite doing multiple sponsored streams.

Some have criticized the streamer's unintentional promotion of gambling streams, while others have criticized Twitch for not limiting or filtering gambling content.

Trainwreckstv's pal, Asmongold of OTK (One True King), also publicly criticized Twitch for not prohibiting gambling streams from the network. However, he didn't blame Train for accepting the sponsorships but blamed Twitch for making it possible for him to do so.

When did Trainwreck start streaming?

Trainwreckstv went live on June 26, 2015. However, it wasn't until late 2017 that his channel truly began to develop, with over 4630 subscribers by the end of 2018.

Does Trainwreck offer affiliate links?

At the time of writing, Trainwreck didn't offer an affiliate link. Nonetheless, he has a sponsorship deal with Stake casino.

If you have no idea what an “Affiliate Link” is, here is an explanation. Affiliates get paid if people click on the links they post regularly. However, there's an additional reward for referring new gamers to the site.

How does he make his money?

One of Trainwreckstv's main sources of income is the “Scuffed Podcast.” It has a range of 

different Twitch broadcasters who come together to talk about various subjects. CashApp supports Trainwrecks podcast on Twitch, and the amount made from this podcast is unknown.

Trainwreckstv doesn't make a lot of money from YouTube because he doesn't put much work into growing his channel. An annual income of $8k to $10k is expected. This is a pittance compared to his other platforms' earnings of $670 to $840.

Tyler makes a lot of money on Twitch. Assuming they're all the lowest tier members, that would pay out $5 a month for Train's service. 

He would theoretically be making somewhere between $31.2k and $37.5k a month. The annual salary would range from $374.4k to $450k.

There are many more subscribers who pay a greater fee and many more people who donate to his broadcast. Trainwreck could potentially make more money per subscriber if he and Twitch renegotiated their contract conditions.

Many online gambling sites have lately partnered with Trainwreckstv as a sponsor. Respawn Entertainment for Apex Legends, CashApp, Square, and GFuel are just a few of the companies that have supported him. Even though he hasn't provided an exact figure, Trainwreckstv has amassed a sizable fortune through streaming his online gambling activities.

Is Trainwreck a Twitch partner?

Trainwreck can be viewed as a Twitch partner when we consider his viewership. However, there may be doubts about him being a partner. A possible reason Trainwreck isn't an official Twitch partner is his earlier ban. 

Twitch presently has more than 1.8 million followers that watch its activities and participate in the channel chats. Trainwreck's average audience is about 35,000 subscribers.

Does he lose money?

As with other online gamblers, Trainwreck does lose money occasionally. He revealed that he was in a $12 million debt via Dexetro. This means that Trainwreck could still record debts from losses shown during streams, excluding losses he may have incurred offline despite his visible winning. on the long term you will always lose in an online casino

A Breakdown of TrainwrecksTV net worth

As mentioned previously, TrainwrecksTV net worth is approximately $3 million. Here is the breakdown of his earnings:


Here is a breakdown of his twitch earnings:

  • Subs: Subs are shared between the streamer and Twitch. Tier 1 is for new streamers, who receive a 50/50 split, making their subscriptions worth $2.50.

If a streamer has a large enough following to warrant a Tier 2 level or Tier 3, they can renegotiate their split. Tier 2 and Tier 3 level sharing ratios are 60/40 and 70/30, respectively.

  • Bits: If a streamer receives one bit, they're rewarded with one cent.
  • Ads: Streamers who broadcast advertising on Twitch make between $10 and $20 per thousand impressions (CPM), depending on their agreement. They get $10-20 per thousand views.


In the gaming industry, creators can expect to earn anywhere from $2-7 CPM. This implies that for every 1,000 views on their channel, they will be paid $2-7.

Advertising-blocking software prevents some viewers from seeing ads. Nonetheless, around 80% of the views on most networks are compensated.

Brand deals

Twitch panels of TrainwrecksTV include StreamLabs Prime and GFuel. The estimates range from $2,500 to $5,000 a month for streamers of his stature. 


It's no secret that Trainwreck has a merch store, but the store isn't filled with items. Trainwreck doesn't make a dime from it. Maybe soon, he will focus on the store and add a few items.  

Has Trainwreck net worth changed during the Twitch change?

Since Trainwreck's Twitch change, the exact amount he has lost is unclear. However, the streamer recently discussed his losses in the last nine months. 

Trainwreck's calculations show that after risking $22.9 million in the last nine months, he should be down to $12 million. He is, however, down more than he should be, with a loss of $12.9 million.

The gamer has been honest about his love of gambling throughout his life. However, he revealed in July 2021 that he had lost almost $2 million gambling off-stream. 

His decision to cease his Twitch gambling streams was also revealed, even though he is yet to put that into action.

What Does Trainwreck Do in His Sparetime?

Trainwreck loves working out when he isn't streaming his gambling activities.

Is Trainwreck Fake?

Criticism of any well-known online gaming streamer is almost always accompanied by the claim that they're a fraud. Regrettably, Trainwreckstv was unable to avoid such suspicion prior to making the switch to Stake crypto casino gambling.

Anyone who is well-known and successful at sports betting will be accused of being biased. If you believe the man's emotional outbursts and how he funds gambling, you must believe these claims.

Additionally, he gives spectators money in special promos while playing. This is another sign that he is legitimate.

According to him, this money is delivered directly to the person's wallet, not their casino account. This refutes rumors that Stake is sponsoring his gaming and that he is playing as a publicity stunt.

Trainwreckstv real or fake

Trainwreckstv Biggest win Trainwreckstv money net worth

Does Trainwreck have deals with casinos?

Trainwreck has a deal with Stake casino, and that seems to be the only gambling platform he deals with. Stakes casino's crypto slots are a favourite of Trainwreckstv.

Although games with special features or the potential to win large are among his favourites, he'll play just about any of them. Some of the slots he enjoys playing include Buffalo Hunter, Fruit Party, and Razor Shark.

We're aware that Trainwreck enjoyed playing older, more traditional online games like World of Warcraft in the past. However, these days, he mainly plays slots at Stake casino and streams the action there. This may be because he knows that the Stake variety has over 1,000 coin slots to compete with.

If you're seeking some ideas on how he funds his account, he uses Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, stake devotees like him are offered special promo codes frequently, like one that pays you 15% Rakeback instead of 10%.

While he plays high-stakes casino games on his shows, TrainWreck said that he makes “far more” than $1 million a month. But, fearing Stake would “get furious” at him if he did so, Trainwreck said he couldn't discuss his earnings.

Are there rules to keep streamers honest?

There are several regulations by which Twitch casinos must abide with. First, a relationship between streamers and affiliates is theoretically forbidden. If a streaming channel or casino, or streamer violates this rule, the FTC may take action against them and the channel or casino.

Although Trainwreck has been banned from Twitch twice, it's not because he's been accused of being a fraud. Instead, according to the company, sexist and misogynistic rants about female streamers “stealing” viewers resulted in Trainwreckstv's suspension from the service. Trainwreck banned from the platform lasted for five days.


Trainwreckstv is a famous YouTube star as well as a Twitch star. He's presently the most popular YouTuber, with over 203,000 subscribers and millions of views. Those millions of views on YouTube are another money stream that contributes to TrainwrecksTV net worth and his worldwide fame.

Additionally, Trainwreckstv has over 446,000 followers on Twitter. So if you follow him on Twitter, you'll often find casino recommendations, funny videos, and even a few Stake promo codes thrown in for good measure.

Trainwreckstv also has an Instagram account where you can get a nice look at his personal life and other casino-related activities. 

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