October 2, 2023
SteveWillDoIt Net Worth (2023) - How much money does steve make?

SteveWillDoIt Net Worth (2023) – How much money does steve make?

What is ‘ will do it ‘, a pretty common question being asked around in the online community. To sum up, in relatively plain English, no one knows to be exact. However, the plainest conclusion that we can derive from this stew is that Steve has got so much that he can afford to buy a Lamborghini when he is high. It is also noteworthy that most of Steve's wealth comes from his YouTube channel.

What is 's Net Worth 2022?

Including all Steve will do its properties and assets, Steve's net worth is estimated to be around $25mil to$40mil. What is ‘Steve will do it net worth‘, a pretty common question being asked around in the online community. To sum up, in relatively plain English, no one knows to be exact. 

Who is SteveWillDoIt?

The ‘Steve will do it' personality does not require much introduction. He is most famous for his challenge videos on YouTube and his live casino videos on Twitch. Also, he has a dominant digital presence on other social media like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Discord. However, Steve is formally known as Stephen Deleonardis.

A short biography on Stephen Deleonardis

SteveWillDoIt was born on August 26, 1998, in Oviedo, Florida. He used to reside in the city of The Angels – Los Angeles, in the United States of America. However, he recently moved to Miami, Florida. He was brought up in a Christian home by the Deleonardis, raised alongside two siblings – Rocco and Briana Deleonardis. 

Steve Deleonardis attended a public high school in his neighborhood, after which he graduated and pursued his social media influencing career. He never earned himself a college or bachelor's degree. However, he's been good for it since his glide into stardom.

Aside from being a muscular chunk, Steve stands at approximately 1.75 meters. His hair color compliments that of his eye, making him the perfect spectacle for the public eye. He is currently in a relationship with a model and Instagram personality – Celina Smith. These two were rumored to have met in high school and maintained a strong relationship. 

Stephen's hobbies

This influencer is said to be very fond of dogs in general. Also, Steve happens to be very passionate about exploring by traveling worldwide. In addition, spending extravagantly as a hobby would be on top of Steve's list.

Deleonardis' relationships

Steve's relationships with his family folks were harmonious as he is on excellent terms with his parents and siblings. He would often post pictures of his parents on his Instagram account. 

Moreover, he pegged this post with the following touching note: “I have officially retired my parents at the age of 22. They have their dream cars, and they will be living their dream lives. It's fair to say my Dad is one @happydad. It's all because of you guys supporting me and my team around me and the gym”, and many emojis and tags follow. 

However, the relationship between Stephen and Celina has not been without its troubles. The influencer and model were rumoured to have broken up in the past. This issue stemmed from Celina cheating on SteveWillDoIt with Jason Pagaduan, popularly known as 905shooter. 

Not quite long after, Steve posted that he had reconciled with his girlfriend and were back together. Celina featured in some videos with the influencer, including the one in which they announced to the public that Celina was pregnant. Although, the couple debunked the information as being a prank late on. No surprise there, as this is typical of pranksters.

The rise to stardom of ‘Steve will do it'

As far back as 2017, Stephen was fond of asking random people to make him do things in front of the camera, and he transgressed into having a YouTube channel for videos of this sort. With YouTube being Steve's most prominent social media presence with 4.63 million subscribers, he uploaded his first video on June 11, 2019, titled ‘I am taking over YouTube', which he rightfully did. YouTube has been the primary influence on ‘Steve will do it net worth‘.

However, before attaining this impressive feat, Stephen was a part of the famous NELK YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers at the time. In addition, NELK is run by a group of American and Canadian pranksters with some of the funniest content you would find on YouTube.

Steve Will Do it Net worth and money

Steve Will Do it Casino

Steve's social media history

Since he became independent, SteveWillDoIt has been famous for uploading viral challenge videos such as Eating the largest slice of pizza, attempting to drink 12 Beers in 2 minutes, eating over 200 snails in Paris, and a lot more.

However, Steve's video that holds the most significant views would be ‘I handcuffed Brad Martyn then ripped darts in his gym‘, which has since racked up over 10 million views. 

Aside from the SteveWillDoIt YouTube channel, the influencer used to have another account named SteveWillDoIt Gambling. However, this account was scrubbed off the social media in 2021 after the raised conspiracy on a posted gambling video – “SteveWillDoIt's Dark Secret – ROOBET'S HOUSE OF CARDS EP. 1”.

However, Steve started uploading onto another YouTube account in May 2022. The account has rallied about 250 thousand subscribers between then and the time of gathering information for this article. The videos he doses out to online viewers are those of his crazy online gambling wins.

In addition, Steve has even packed a bigger punch with his Twitch account, racking 754k followers, framing him as one of the most popular casino game streamers. However, his social media portfolio goes on and on. View his various social media accounts and the approximate number of followers and subscribers in the table below to see the truth.

YouTube SteveWillDoIt 4.63 million
Instagram SteveWillDoIt 3.6 million
TikTok SteveWillDoIt 1 million
Instagram SteveWillSendIt 800,000
Twitch SteveWillSendIt 754,000
YouTube SteveWillDoIt Two 250,000
Twitter SteveWillDoIt 234,000
Discord SteveWillDoIt 36,000

Steve Deleonardis on Twitch as SteveWillSendIt

We cannot decide which name swells the most in your ears, but we would pick ‘SteveWillSendIt'. Flaunting around, ‘Steve will do it net worth‘ is what he lives for the most. Steve is known to go on spending sprees for himself, his friends, his family and even his fans. He was said to have mistakenly credited a fan with ten grand while being drunk on Twitch.

SteveWillSendIt is known for winning and losing some to show his imperfection as being human. However, he does not focus so much on his Twitch activities compared with his YouTube involvement.

Steve's favourite online casinos and games

Every gambler likes an absolute priority on the types of online casinos they play and the types of games they stake in. Steve Deleonardis is no different, as he's got particular preferences for these trivial matters.

SteveWillSendIt used to love playing at the RooBet casino but unfortunately for the platform, he had a rethink in taste and decided to go along with the Stake online casino. You can't blame Stephen as the latter outranks the former in the range of top-class casino games from world-class software providers and being a vast cryptocurrency-based casino platform. Stake casino is solely reliant on cryptocurrency as the sole source of funding.

As someone who craves attention from outsiders, SteveWillSendIt often is a piece of work for most dealers, especially the pretty ones, as he's always on about with his wits and self-proclaimed charm. 

Like most top rack gamblers, Steve's always peculiar about Blackjack and Roulette games. However, he also happens to be a big fan of slot games with huge payouts, such as Sweet Bonanza and Book of the Dead slots. You might view the young lad as out of his depth, but the kid's got good eyes on the money, always bagging the cash. However, this is a massive boost to ‘Steve will do it net worth‘.

SteveWillSendIt live streams

I doubt you would think Steve to be a schedule kind of guy. He is more or less an impulsive guy. You would not find a calendar of events or schedule on his Twitch account, as he live-streams whenever he so desires.

He likes to spend most of his time making YouTube videos rather than uploading content on any other social media. However, his Twitch activity has shown that he goes live for about three days a week.

Moreover, he prefers to be a diva to the online community through his YouTube channel, onto which he uploads new videos every Tuesday. So if you think placing an outrageous bet on some card game is insane, watch out for even crazier life moments on his YouTube videos. 

Are Steve's Twitch live streams fake?

These casino streams are as natural as they could get. However, it is quite understandable that many people think his casino streaming activities are fake. Another reason is he used to partner with RooBet casino and, now, Stake casino, which is enough to believe his casino gaming activities are staged.

Steve will do it net worth‘ might be getting influenced by these gambling platforms, although he is allowed to take away a good chunk of his winnings. The influencer is not much of a high-roller as most of his stakes are vaguely low. However, considering his usual spending streak and wasteful lifestyle, any observant person would realise that a massive part of his income comes from his YouTube channel and not his Twitch account or any other social media platform.

How much does Stephen Deleonardis earn on Twitch?

It is complicated to estimate how much of ‘Steve will do it net worth‘ comes from Twitch. However, it is essential to know that the most earnings on this platform are through donations and sponsorship deals. In addition, live streamers and the Twitch platform get to split a chunk of the cash gained through streaming and interaction numbers between themselves.  

Steve will do it, and friends

The massive ‘Steve will do it net worth‘ enables him to chill with the big boys at a very young age. He considers 6ix9ine and Post Malone as two of his favourite rappers. He is also believed to be on perfect terms with the rapper 6ix9ine, Joe Rogan and other celebrities.

Once, he was criticised by Demi Lovato for being fond of consuming too much Alcohol in his videos. However, SteveWillDoIt did not respond well to these criticisms as he blocked the celebrity artist afterwards.

Steve is also known to be a big supporter of Donald Trump, and he happens to be fortunate enough to have met him once, a moment he will forever cherish.

SteveWillSendIt's other social media presence

Being most popular on YouTube, Steve manages to be a conqueror on many other social media platforms. 

Steve will do it on Instagram

Amassing a massive crowd on his IG accounts – SteveWillDoIt and SteveWillSendIt, his posts are definitely on the top of the list of things to look out for a while, sliding along your IG timeline. Unfortunately, his posts get deleted by the platform as they sometimes go over the top, blowing the roof off normal and proper human decency. However, this is nothing new, as this is what defines an influencer.

SteveWillSendIt on Twitter

Deleonadris' bird app account is quite dull, with next to no activities most of the time. However, he is known for his occasional giveaways there. It brings into perspective why he has a lot of followers for such few engagements.

Steve on TikTok

With over a million followers on TikTok, Stephen stacked up over a hundred thousand likes on almost every one of his videos. In addition, he posts a ton of pranks and challenges like the one in which fans dared him to take an absurdly large amount of laxatives.

Discording with Steve will do it

Steve's discord account has over 30,000 followers, with over 3,000 active persons in the chat room at every given point in time. Also, there are two designated gambling rooms, one for sports booking and the other for casino gaming. Moreover, the discord chat rooms would surely not be the wrong place with that many fans in one place.

Are there live streaming rules?

The Twitch platform frowns on any relationship with a casino past being affiliates as breaking the operational laws may lead to Twitch casinos losing their licences. Additionally, this rule-break can result in bans for streaming channels and the involvement of FTC with the casino and streamer. Moreover, the outcome outweighs the worth of any benefits gathered through these law-breaking relationships.

Is Steve Deleonardis the real deal?

Stephen Deleonardis is the most authentic it can get when it comes to being a social media icon. At times, the influencer almost gets unnatural while showcasing some extreme activities he dared to undertake. However, unlike some other Twitch influencers, SteveWillSendIt does not hide his true identity as he is an open book to anybody who decides to look.

It is possible to look at this influencer and think he has been corrupted by the money he earned at a very young age. This assertion is undoubtedly due to the many videos in which he was seen to be highly intoxicated, thus making him behave in specific unorthodox ways.

However, no matter how bad these relativities might be, Steve defines and defies what fun should generally be. This exemplarity is shown in ‘Steve will do it net worth‘. So if you want to get pumped up or energised to do crazy things, do not be a stranger to the influencer's YouTube and Instagram pages.

Take caution; it is primarily sales tactics

We would implore the online community to abstain from taking most comments made by these influencers seriously, especially Steve's. These people often say things to promote their brands and for no other good reason.

In one of his Twitch casino streams, Steve once said, “If you're gambling, you can only lose when you quit! … There is no such thing as losers in gambling. There are winners, and there are quitters. Don't be a quitter! ” 

It was apparent that Steve was highly intoxicated at this time. However, this statement should be considered bull and cock as it is wrong. Casino slot games are primarily based on players' chances and luck, especially slot games. There is no shame in losing, but the best ideology is to know when to stop.


Considerably, you can make good bucks from live streaming games on Twitch. Regardless of casino-related streamers being incapacitated from sharing affiliate links, they can otherwise do so through their websites, discord chat rooms or other media platforms. 

As stated in the article, the exact amount made by these Twitch personalities is only known to them. Sometimes, the base intention of these influencers might not be to secure the bag, as a good number of them are doing well, even without their Twitch accounts. However, constant interactions with the Twitch or general social media community make these individuals gain more followers, which turns into more cash.

Some people might derive twisted pleasure in flashing their wealth and personality to the online world. But unfortunately, this continual display with the formerly described intention ends up in more giant bags for these individuals.

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